Brenham residents cope with latest product recall by Blue Bell

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BRENHAM, Tex. - On National Ice Cream Cone Day, folks in Brenham are still getting over the latest news that Blue Bell has once again recalled products over listeria concerns!

But this time, it's the chocolate chip cookie dough causing problems, not the ice cream itself.

"Well, it's unfortunate that their supplier, you know, gave them materials that were not up to par," Brenham resident Lu Hollander noted. "I don't think it's Blue Bell's fault by any stretch."

"I really hate to hear that," another local, Donna Cooley, said. "I hate for them to be faced with this."

Brenham residents say last year's plant shutdown over listeria caused the community to rally around locals who were out of work.

"I think that the community has done wonderful outreach to assist and see through this sort of crisis," Brenda Schultz recalled.

"The town probably showed that it could survive without Blue Bell," Don Jones suggested. "It wasn't a pleasant thing, but ultimately like any other company town, you know, they'll get by."

Listeria can be a deadly problem for any food maker, but locals seem determined not to let this latest incident dampen their love for Blue Bell.

"I think people like it enough that the product will survive," Schultz predicted.

"I know this community will continue to support them, but I can't speak for other areas," Cooley responded. "That's tough, tough news."

So how will these folks celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day?

"Well, I'm on a diet, but I'm sure I'll celebrate after I reach my goal," Schultz laughed.

"I've been indulging a little too much lately," Cooley confessed.

They just hope this latest ice cream crisis doesn't get out of hand!