Caught on Camera: Woman stabbed 26 times in broad daylight while onlookers do nothing

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NEW DELHI, India - The savage murder of a 21-year-old woman by an attacker in broad daylight on a busy road in India was all caught on closed circuit camera!

Unbelievably, not one person on the bustling street comes forward to try to stop the killer or offer any help to the victim.

The footage shows the brutal attack by an alleged stalker as he proceeds to stab the woman 26 times.

The camera catches at least a dozen people walking by the horrific crime, but no one tries to stop the callous killer.

The footage even shows the attacker bashing the woman's head with a giant rock and kicking her body, before he gets on his bike and leaves the scene.

Police later caught the suspect and arrested him.

Authorities identified the victim as a school teacher whose family had filed a complaint with police months earlier against the suspect for stalking.

The family said the man had calmed down over the last couple of months until now.

It's hard to imagine how witnesses could just pass by the crime and do nothing, but just last month a man in India was the victim of a hit and run caught on camera — and no one came to his aid, either!

He later died in the street.

Geez, looks like that's one place where just walking down the street can cost you your life!