Couple’s move to deserted island doesn’t go as planned

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MICRONESIA — Need an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

Dreaming of an island getaway?

Martin Popplewell, 18, and his girlfriend Rachel decided to get away and live out his Blue Lagoon fantasy.

The British couple were dropped off on an island off the coast of Micronesia, in hopes of having an unforgettable tropical adventure.

It was unforgettable, but for another reason: the castaways faced tropical storms, food shortages, and as Popplewell's videos show, just plain got sick of each other.

So would your relationship pass the island test?

"It would really make us come closer," Houston resident Jerod Johnson said. "We gotta work as a team. We struggling on an island together so we like gotta find food, we gotta find shelter, probably build like a little boat or something, some little spears catch some fish. We gotta come together”

"It would be very difficult to be stuck with one person 24 hours a day no matter who it is", Houstonian Bill Smith admits.

"Probably make the most of it for the first bit of it, then after a while we'll both just be like 'ok get away from me go swim out and find a different destination’”, laughs H-town resident, Celeste Ross.

After the isolation became more than they could bare, the couple — on the brink of insanity — called it quits.

Looks like they would've had better luck with Wilson!