No end in sight for Blue Bell blues

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HOUSTON — I scream, you scream, looks like we all scream for listeria-free ice cream.

Yep, Blue Bell,is grappling with another recall. The little ol' creamery from Texas is warning folks, the chocolate chip cookie dough in two of their ice creams could be contaminated with listeria- a nasty lil' bacteria which can cause intestinal issues and sometimes death.

Two flavors, Texas 2-step and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough have been recalled in 10 states though no illnesses have been reported.

"I've always supported Blue Bell, but the first recall was a little shaky, but now that there's two, it definitely has me thinking twice" Dominique DeMoss said.

Blue Bell blames this latest contamination on Aspen Hills, Inc., the folks that make the cookie dough, but Aspen Hills says it wasn't them. They say it was bacteria- free when it left their plant but the paper trail tells a different story.  In a September 20th letter, Aspen Hills informed Blue Bell of a voluntary recall.

No matter who`s to blame, the recall has customers talkin'.

"From the get go the company has been very honest and straightforward. so, I would still eat Blue Bell because it's the best," Cathy Allison said.

I used to eat blue bell, but I don't now. I'm scared I'm gonna get sick, my granddaughter`s gonna get sick, my patients gonna get sick. I just don`t trust them," says another woman.

"I will always be faithful to blue bell. I'm not going to stop eating it because of the recall" says Annie McQueen.

Heather Lyon has a different view, "Maybe further down the road if they got everything a-ok, and I felt secure in the fact there wouldn't be any more recalls, I would. but right now I don`t have it in my freezer."

Looks like there's no end in sight for the Blue Bell blues.