Scrotox: Botox for wrinkly male genitalia

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UNITED KINGDOM - Men, if you're feeling a bit deflated, or look like a sad sack hanging on a hook, don't feel bad. You're not alone. There's a procedure that can 'lift your spirits,' so to speak.

Maybe you've heard of Botox? Well, what about Scrotox?

Yeah, apparently a whole bunch of men in the UK have been asking doctors to stick a needle where the sun don't shine, in hopes of making their "low-hanging" fruit appear larger and less wrinkly. And they're willing to fork over big bucks — over $3,600 — that's nuts, right?!

Some skeptical doctors said Botox down there might reduce sweating, but surgery is the only real way to get rid of loose skin.

Or, maybe you should just be grateful for what God gave ya. Now that takes balls!