Autistic man rescued at sea was once suspect in grandfather’s murder

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VERON, Vermont — It's a twisted family history that involves millions of dollars, murder and a lost at sea rescue.

After surviving more than a week alone on a life raft,  Nathan Carman was spotted by a freighter and rescued. The 22-year-old Vermont resident told the coast guard the boat he and his mother, Linda Carman, were on went down about 100-miles of the coast of Rhode Island.

Carman claimed he heard the engine making weird noises before the boat started to take on water. He was able to escape with food water and the boat's only life raft, he told authorities he never saw his mother. The coast guard has suspended their search for the 54-year-old mother and said given the circumstances, her survival was nearly impossible.

The police have now shifted their focus to Nathan in a tragic time yet again. Back in 2013 Windsor, Connecticut police wanted to charge Nathan for the murder of his 87-year-old grandfather John Chakalos. Prosecutors rejected the request, sighting a need for more evidence. Chakalos was found shot to death in his home. That case is still open and considered on going.

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