Newspaper apologizes for ‘poor taste’ political cartoon angering local police chief and other cops

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METROPOLIS, Ill. - Things are not well in Metropolis!

It's not Superman's fault. It's because a newspaper political cartoon-- making fun of a police shooting-- has the Metropolis Police Chief Harry Masse ticked off.

"Disgusted that it was from The Southern Illinoisan, which is supposed to represent all of us down here," Masse shared.

The chief thinks the problem is with the newspaper, and he says they aren't supporting law enforcement.

"Every police officer is getting painted with that broad paintbrush with that cartoon," Masse insisted.

In the cartoon, a bubble above a bunch of cops with weapons drawn reads...."His hands weren't up high enough."

But what really upsets the chief is the squad car in the background with the marking "Tulsa PD. Black lives don't matter,"  and on the roof of the car are tally marks for the number of "kills."

Another police officer wrote a post on Facebook. After losing an eye in the line of duty, he said he got to see this "gross" cartoon he calls "the very definition of bigotry."

So, the newspaper has apologized for the cartoon, saying they believe it was in "poor taste."

But not everyone agrees. "I think it was well within their rights to publish that," local resident Travis Russell said.

The chief says he appreciates the apology, but he feels it's too little....too late.

Maybe now the town really could use some help from Superman!

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