Parents want to press battery charges against 7-year-old who beat up their son

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RIO RANCHO, N.M. — The school playground is supposed to be a place for kids to have fun, but sometimes it can turn into a fight club.

Jakob Shepard, a second grader at Puesta Del Sol Elementary School in New Mexico, was dropped on his head earlier this week by a fellow student. His mother arrived at the school moments later after she received a call from the school nurse, who tired to explain the incident.

The parents called police and demanded battery charges against the second grader who the couple said assaulted their child.

The student was given a one day suspension for the incident, a police report said. However, the boy's mother doesn't believe the suspension was enough.

"Not that I expect a second grader to be arrested, but I expect severe enough consequences," Shepard's mother said. "(So) we're not creating an atmosphere that it's OK for him to do this in the future.

Think it's a little over the top? We asked Houstonians for their opinions on the situation.

"Maybe not necessarily press charges, but definitely get higher authorities involved. Maybe take, gather some more information and figure out what can be done," Houston father Allen Schmidt admits.

Gayle Woodard said she believes it starts in the home.

"If they see that the kid is having some kind of problem, they should get counseling or whatever," Woodard said.

Whether you agree with counseling, or throwing a 7 year old in the slammer, everyone can agree school should be a place where all kids feel safe.

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