Space X CEO predicts a private rocket to Mars for humans by 2024

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GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Wanna get away? How about a trip to Mars?

"It's got to be very fun and exciting," Space X CEO Elon Musk advised. "It can't feel cramped."

Musk laid out his vision for travel to Mars at the International Space Exploration Conference in Mexico this week. He believes humans will begin colonizing on the Red Planet in the next 50 to 150 years, give or take.

"I think the first journey to Mars is really going to be dangerous," the space pioneer predicted. "The risk of fatality will be high."

Musk plans to send an unmanned trip to Mars before 2018, and then he hopes to send the first humans to visit the Martian surface in 2024.

Space X predicts a Mars haul may not set you back as much as you might think. "We think that the cost of moving to Mars ultimately could drop below $100,000," Musk suggested.

Of course, that depends on creating reliable rockets!

But Musk also says the future Mars colony will grow crops in self-contained buildings.

He even says the journey may only take as little as 30 days eventually.

So if you decide to make the Martian trek, just remember —you may not be alone when you get there!

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