Tensions increase near San Diego after officer-involved shooting leaves man dead

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EL CAJON, Calif. — There were repeated shouts of "All lives matter! No justice, no peace!" and "We declare right now that no authority of man shall overpower a black race!" This mantra went on for hours as the number of protestors grew in the immediate aftermath of another death of a black man by a white police officer.

This time, in El Cajon, Calif., a suburb near San Diego.

"Officers responded to a person who was acting erratically when they contacted him here at this location," says Lt. Robert Ransweiler of the El Cajon Police Department. "He failed to comply with the directives he was given."

Police say Alfred Orlango, 30, pulled something from his pocket, placed both hands on the object, and took aim toward police.

Police Chief Jeff Davis says, "At this time, when of the officers with a taser discharged the taser in an effort to subdue the subject. Simultaneously, the officer who had the object pointed at him and discharged his firearm striking the male."

The victim's sister says he was unarmed and no weapon was found at the scene. Police have not said what exactly was in Orlango's hand, but a witness has turned cellphone video over to police.

Lt.  Ransweiler adds, "I'm confident that the community will support the decision made by the officer."

Many protestors voiced concerns this incident was racially motivated. But a photo taken during the incident clearly shows Orlango facing the officers in a threatening stance.

Cheif Davis reminds the community, "Now is the time for calm. Now is the time to allow investigators to share light on this event and we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law."

These cops don't have body cams, yet.  And the cellphone video won't be made public until the DA's office gives the go-ahead. So, it may be awhile before we know whether Orlango's hands were raised up in compliance, or stretched out in defiance.

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