Undercover sting busts man accused of secretly videotaping women’s feet and legs

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Talk about going undercover....feet first!

That's what a female investigator did in Kansas to help arrest this man-- Michael Montgomery--  who is accused of secretly recording women's feet and legs.

Authorities say Montgomery was observed for months as he used a laptop, cell phone and bluetooth pretending to be making calls in coffee shops and restaurants......all while he was really preying upon unsuspecting women as he videotaped their feet!

"Their sense of security is shattered," Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault CEO and president Julie Donelon declared. "...Especially when you are going into a place where expectation is that you are safe....that you are in a safe place."

One victim at a Starbucks told investigators Montgomery followed her out to her car and said, "That thing you were doing in there with your foot-- it was so distracting I could hardly concentrate."

Needless to say, that remark totally creeped her out!

When the cops sent in an undercover female into a Starbucks, they say Montgomery took four to five videos of her feet and legs.

Police eventually arrested Montgomery on suspicion of reckless stalking.

Detectives are now combing over Montgomery's laptop and cell phone, so who knows what else they may kick up?

One thing's for sure.....this story definitely has legs!

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