Jose Fernandez jersey stolen from candlelight vigil is returned

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TAMPA, Fla. —It’s time for another good idea, bad idea.

Good idea: picking up a No. 16 baseball jersey to pay respects and honor the memory of Miami Marlins pitcherJosé Fernandez who died tragically in a boating accident.

Bad idea: stealing a number 16 high school baseball jersey during a candlelight vigil at Alonso High School, where José Fernandez played for 3 years —and in front of 600 people no less!

Disrespectful, is what it is.

Fernandez’s former coach brought the jersey for all to enjoy while on display at the vigil. Yet some, still an anonymous person, thought the jersey should be theirs instead.

However, the thief must have figured out just how distasteful taking the jersey was, had a change of heart and returned it.

Sure we can forgive taking the jersey in the first place, but it’s definitely something we can’t forget.