Bruce Springsteen signs school absence note for 5-year-old fan

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Penn. — A little boy in Pennsylvania was not about to let his glory day go by, even if it meant skipping school, when he had a chance to meet rock legend Bruce Springsteen!

"Ben said, 'Daddy, that's Bruce Springsteen,'" said Luke Bernstein about his son Ben.

The 5-year-old was able to meet The Boss instead of going to school on picture day.

"So fun!" Ben said, describing the amazing day. "I gave him a hug and said, 'happy birthday, Boss,' and he said 'let's take a picture.'"

And that picture is worth a thousand words! But how was little Ben going to get his absence excused at school?

"I thought maybe if we could get him to sign the note, it would be really cool," Ben's dad said. "And something he can have, and we can have."

"He said, 'But I don't have a pen,' and daddy gave him a pen and he signed it," Ben remembered. "And he said, 'Anything for you, Ben.'"

Yeah, the Boss really delivered for this family!

"I've seen him in concert 27 times. Not as many as some," Luke said. "To be so kind to our son, I would just like to say thank you. It was wonderful."

Little Ben had just one resounding message for Springsteen.

"Thank you, Boss!!" Ben said.

Talk about Glory Days!

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