Coulrophobia takes country by storm as ‘creepy clown’ trend continues

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HOUSTON — The 14-year-old boy arrested Monday for making threats against several HISD schools may have been clowning around, but the recent clown scare is no laughing matter.

The teen started making threats on social media using a clown profile picture last week and since then school officials have been cautious and beefed up campus security.

While quite frankly, many of us are still shaking in our boots, the fear of clowns — or Coulrophobia — is a real thing to some. Professionals say it's a fear possibly fueled by TV shows, horror movies or even real-life monsters like serial killer, and part-time clown, John Wayne Gacy.

"You might say that the painted expression of a clown makes it difficult for people to gauge what the person's emotions are — what they're motives are," Los Angeles psychotherapist John Tsilimparis said.

It seems across the country, some mischievous folks may be taking advantage of those fears. Lately, there have numerous news reports of creepy clowns trying to lure kids into the woods and chasing people with weapons. Those are scary situation with or without makeup!

So, from school threats to just plain scares, let's hope all this clowning around stops soon.

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