Indiana butcher uses blood to paint elaborate works of art

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LA GRANGE, Ind. — Here's one bloody vision!

A butcher in Indiana has found a way to paint incredible pictures with blood.

"What I do is I just set a table up, I get my boards, I get a bucket of blood, and I start working," artist Bob Long said.

He gets the buckets of blood from his front office — a butcher shop.

"Why waste it?" Long asked. "You know, I mean, save it."

And that's exactly what Long has done, one brushstroke at a time.

"I just felt like doing it. I don't know. I just felt like, 'I wonder what would happen if I took blood and put it on canvas and just started painting with it?'" Long said.

The butcher has finished more than 70 painting including some that have sold for hundreds of dollars.

"It's a stage. It's a performance!" he said.

In one of his masterpieces, Long illustrated Jesus Christ coming down from the sky with angels and a cross. Long said cavemen used to paint with blood, so why not a butcher?

"Why waste any of the animal, you know?" Long said. "I've got plenty of blood. Why not start doing something with it? I thought, let's put it on the canvas and see what happens. Some of the paintings have turned out pretty neat."


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