Ozone warnings don’t stop Houstonians from enjoying cooler weather

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HOUSTON — It's officially fall! And Houstonians can finally say goodbye to sweltering summer heat.

With the cooler temperatures, people seem unaffected by the weekend-long ozone alert.

“[It's a] beautiful day outside. The last two days, it's not been 90 or 100 degrees outside. Get outside and enjoy it," Houstonian Brian Mordant said.

Air quality concerns tend to be associated with soaring temperatures, but those sneaky smog clouds are actually around all year long.

The list of ways you can limit your impact on H-town's airs is — well, limitless. You can beat the ozone heat through carpooling to work to opting go inside fast-food restaurants instead of have your engine run idle while you wait in the drive-thru.

“All of the drive-thrus in Houston are too long anyway, so I think could I make that sacrifice for the ozone," local Ashley Kirksey said.

Next time you're craving quarter-pounder and fries, hop out of the car and grab your grub.

Cutting down on pollution is not only better for the planet, but your lungs and waistline will be better off, too!

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