Must see video: Parents break out into massive fight at Chuck E. Cheese in Miami

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MIAMI — The sounds of stomping and screaming is normal at most Chuck E. Cheese's — but for a location in Miami Saturday night, it was the adults causing all the ruckus.

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, more than several adults are seen kicking, screaming and punching each other as they fight in an all out brawl. The woman who posted the video said the parents started fighting after a conflict erupted between two families, according to a local news report.

The Twitter user captioned the video: "It went down at Chuck E Cheese." And boy, is that an understatement!

The footage shows a woman being forced to the ground as she fiends off two women from behind a both; one man is pushed to the floor and a machine goes down with him; and at the edge of the chaos and a man pulls a woman from the fray, but she immediately jumps back in.

At one point, a small child is even seen racing across the screen after a panicking adult.

So yes, it definitely went down at Chuck E. Cheese! The fight was finally put to an end when Miami law enforcement arrived.

Several people were injured, according to local news reports. No word yet regarding any charges being filed.