‘Sallie Mae Back’ rapper talks to Houston kids about financial literacy

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HOUSTON — Not all of us who went to college ever finished paying back our student loans, but New Orleans rapper  Dee-1 did. He's even made a song about it.

The viral hit "Sallie Mae Back" has lead to Dee-1 passing that financial knowledge to students across the country.

"We want these high school students to enter college being smart about how to manage their money and how to even pay for college," said Dee-1.

Partnering with PricewaterhouseCoopers he was at Houston's YES Prep Southeast, talking finance to six through twelfth graders.

"Dee 1 really did inspire me because going to college really does help you find your way in life and money does play a big important role in that," said YES Prep senior Diana Salazar.

Reaching young minds with his hip-hop platform is a goal of the emcee and speaker.

"I'm a credible voice in their eyes because they all look up to rappers."