Truckers rejoice! 10-4 is National CB Day!

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HOUSTON — Breaker 1-9. Put your foot on the floor and let your motor toter!

Today, October 4 (10-4) is national CB Radio or "Trucker" Day. You know, as in 10 - 4 good buddy, read ya loud and clear. So to get the scoop, we hitched our haul and headed out to the local pickle park to hear how these hard workers are spending their holiday.

What we found was that many of today's truckers don't even use CB's. Many don't even have a handle either. In a day with GPS, smartphones and tablets, truckers have little need for CB's. Oh well, handle or not, happy 10 - 4 day anyway! And always remember to keep the shiny side up and the greasy side down. three's and eights.