Two more women join federal lawsuit against Baylor claiming sexual assault

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WACO, Texas — Two women are  joining a Title IX lawsuit calling out Baylor University for allegedly poorly handling rape cases.

Baylor's botched handling of rape allegations against football players, cost the head coach, Art Briles, and university president, Ken Starr, their jobs.

This lawsuit claims Baylor did not properly look into or respond to other sexual assault allegations. The case was filed in June, by three students, all choosing to remain Jane Does'. Nearly two weeks later, three more Jane Does came on board.

According to the Waco Tribune, the number keeps growing. Now, almost four months later, the lawsuit is adding Jane Doe 7 and Jane Doe 8 to the lawsuit list.

Jane Doe 7 says she was raped in 2009.

After taking a rape examination, she brought forward the confirmed results to student services.  Jane Doe 7 says the school never told her about available school services to help her during her crisis.  She says she saw her attackers regularly and battled depression.  As a result, she says she lost her scholarship, which added $25,000 to her student debt.

Jane Doe 8 says her rape happened in 2015.

The lawsuit says the school did not inform the student of her rights. Instead, they referred her to outside counseling. During this time, her attacker became a Baylor employee. Jane Doe 8 says the university actually discouraged her from pursuing her claims.

Baylor is not commenting because the case is pending litigation.

Overall, these rape scandals are a bad look for the Bears!