Yahoo secretly scanned millions of customer emails for US government, former employees say

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Do you Yahoo?

Well, you might have second thoughts about that now that a few whistle-blowers say the company secretly scanned every single incoming email to its customers for U.S. intelligence!

A couple of former employees say Yahoo, Inc. complied with orders from the NSA or the FBI last year to develop a scanning software to spy on customers' incoming messages.

No word yet on what the Feds were looking for, but this news can't sit too well with Yahoo users.

Even famed whistle-blower Edward Snowden sent out a tweet about the internet giant. He warned, "Use @yahoo? They secretly scanned everything you ever wrote, far beyond what law requires. Close your account today."

Add to all this the recent revelation from the company that Yahoo suffered a massive data breach of 500 million accounts in 2014!

So, users beware next time you get the urge to yodel!