Galaxy Note 7 explodes on Southwest plane just before takeoff

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Talk about your phone blowing up!

That's exactly what happened to a passenger aboard a Southwest Airlines flight at Louisville International Airport on Wednesday when their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had more than just a bad connection-- the smartphone began smoking.....and then exploded!

Yeah, just before take-off while the plane was still at the gate-- apparently when folks were told to power down their 'electronic mobile devices'-- one passenger's phone did not want to cooperate.

After the smartphone began smoking, all 75 people on board the plane were evacuated.

Samsung has had problems with the Galaxy Note 7 since it debuted in August, when some customers reported that the phone's battery caught on fire while charging!

The owner of the phone says it was a replacement for one he had already taken in after the recall.

Samsung denies this particular incident has anything to do with the new Galaxy Note 7 replacement model.

Sounds like the FAA may just have to ground the Samsung phone from flying the friendly skies!