It’s World Teacher Day! Houston students show gratitude to their favorite instructors

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HOUSTON — Children are influenced by so many things around them: their parents, the internet, their friends, and of course their teachers!

Teachers are there for us the first time we’re separated from our parents.

C'mon, we all know a kid who called the teacher 'Mom!'

In honor of World Teacher Day, we asked Houston residents who are their favorite teachers.

"My DECA teacher Ms. Lawson. She's taught me a lot into going, and finishing high school, and I really appreciate it. Ms. Lawson, thank you for so much for what you've done for me," Angela Beltran said.

"My favorite teacher was in college. He was my mentor. He was doing bear studies at the time when I was with him, and he really introduced me to the zoology, biology, and what I got my degrees in. I hope you`re doing well Mr. Hubbard, and having a good day," Owen Sitton said.

"My favorite teacher was in eighth grade. He was my English teacher back in Germany, and he was a very nice teacher because he still gave us a lot of homework, but I've never learned so much from a teacher. Thank you, Mr. Schleigal," Amelie Botos said.

So thank you, to all the educators out there. You’ve helped us become the civilized human beings we are today.