Snowden 2.0? Feds arrest NSA contractor accused of sharing secrets

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WASHINGTON, D.C.  The Department of Justice says the FBI may have nabbed a top secret spy!

The DOJ indicates 51-year-old government contractor and navy veteran — Harold Thomas Martin III — was arrested in August for stealing classified information from the NSA.

Martin was charged with theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials.

The whole thing is like something right out of a spy movie!

Court records show the Feds found "highly classified information" in both hard copy and digital files held in Martin's home.

The White House says this episode is a wake-up call for all officials in Washington.

"The federal government is reminded how important it is to be vigilant about protecting the national security of the country," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest declared.

But some are calling Martin, Snowden 2.0, since authorities say he was a contractor for the same firm famed whistleblower Edward Snowden worked for.

Snowden questioned the arrest via Twitter, especially since Martin was not charged under the Espionage Act.

So, is this a case of hardcore spying, or potential government whistle-blowing?

Sounds like we'll just have to wait and see.