Washington comments on trending ‘creepy clown’ cases

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HOUSTON — Life used to be simple and the only thing we had to fear from clowns was getting a pie in the face. Well, those days are gone. The creepy clown craze has reached epidemic proportions. With more than a dozen arrests nationwide, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are getting involved. Even the White House is weighing in, and we're not just clowning with ya.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, "Obviously, this is a situation that local law enforcement authorities take quite seriously and they should carefully and thoroughly review, you know, perceived threats to the safety of the community...and they should do so prudently."

A 14-year-old Houston boy remains in juvenile detention to undergo a psychological evaluation. According to prosecutors, he and a clown friend used Instagram to scare teachers and threatened to shoot up HISD's Attucks Middle School.

His father, Curtis Dockery says, "I think he made a stupid mistake. He wasn't serious about it. But when you do those kinds of things, you pay the consequences."

Psych testing could take several days.

Another case involves a 13-year-old girl who was arrested in Virginia and accused of contacting a local "hit clown" on social media to murder her teacher.

One parent in the community says, "I'm just floored by it!" Rebecca Conley continues, "I can't believe that situation's going around in our community."

The official charge is one count of threatening to kill by electronic message.

Clown capers aren't a new phenomenon and all threats are being taken seriously. Evil sightings seem to increase around Halloween. So, it may be a while before Bozo and his bros say, "Buh-bye!"