Halloween display makes haunting statements with Trump wall, chained Hillary and more

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Just when you thought this election year couldn't get any scarier — a Connecticut family welcomes you to the presidential campaign house of horror!

Bob Washauer transformed his home into a sort of campaign hell, only without the traditional gore we're all used to.

"I'm trying to get people to think," Washauer said. "They don't have to think what I think, but they just have to think.

Instead of the typical blood and guts, you'll find Dick Chaney locked behind cell bars and Hillary Chained to Bill — err, a donkey. The display features Donald Trump screaming from the top of a makeshift border patrol wall. That's right, there's even a wall.

Washauer said he created the display simply to provoke thought.

Well, we're definitely thinking this won't be the last election hall of horrors we'll be seeing this year. We can only hope.

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