Colorado brewery introduces the world’s first “cannabis beer”

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AURORA, Colo. - Talk about strange brew! A small brewery in Colorado is taking beer to an all-new high by introducing the world's first cannabis beer!

"We use a quarter gram per keg," brewmaster Thomas Hembree declared.

Yep, it's a beer drawing customers in like crazy!

"You can't get a seat at the bar," one patron insisted.

"Insane," Hembree agreed. "Absolutely insane."

Some customers think the cannabis beer brings a whole new meaning to rocky mountain high!

"I don't have great feeling in my body, but I think it makes my legs tingle," a patron in a wheelchair shared. "Cannabis is supposed to have medicinal purposes, and I started thinking about...maybe if I can get a prescription from my doctor, I could maybe start deducting my beer drinking."

But before you hop a plane to the "high country" to sample some brew....there's one big catch.

Co-owner Mason Hembree explained, "it's high in cannabinoids and it's lacking in all psychotropic effects. So, there's no THD."

So what exactly does all that mean?

"My beer will not get you high," Mason said. "I'm sorry if that's what you're looking for."

Now that is a strange brew!

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