Is your Halloween costume racist?

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HOUSTON -- Halloween is a frightening time for ghouls, goblins, and… the most terrifying thing of all … PC Culture.

Every Halloween season, we all see photos of parties with people in black face or someone dressing up in a costume that stereotypes a culture that's different from their own.

Typically, these images spark some degree of outrage online and, in extreme cases, lead to ruined careers and reputations, even if the intention wasn't meant to be offensive.

So this week the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse tried to do something to help students select smarter costume choices by hosting a lecture event called, “Is your Halloween costume racist.”

The purpose of the event was to help people in that community understand that it can be seen offensive to put on another group of people’s clothes without fully understanding their walk of life.

And in a world where there’s a possibly offensive or sexualized version of just about anything you can imagine, including a sexy burka, which was removed recently from Amazon for obvious reasons, where should we draw the line for what’s considered appropriate?

Should it be okay to pay tribute to another culture and give an homage, or should we completely shame anyone for dressing up in another race’s skin?

Should there be a hard lined rule book for costume parties or should we give everyone unlimited freedom of speech with their outfits?

No matter where you stand this All Hallow’s Eve, let’s just hope your night rocks- but not like the kind of rock Charlie Brown got trick or treating.

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