Petition to hang West Virginia man pulled from White House website

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HUNTINGTON, WV -- There are some sick and twisted people out there...

And we like to hope that those people are locked up behind bars.

But for the people of Huntington West Virginia, prison is too good for Benjamin Taylor, the 32 year old man accused of sexually assaulting and murdering a 10 month old girl.

The Mountain State abolished capital punishment decades ago, but that hasn't stopped 51,000 people from signing a petition to publicly hang Taylor.

We asked Texans how they feel about the archaic form of punishment.

"We got rid of that already once before...I don't think we should bring that back...if I was going to bring back anything, I think I would bring back the electric chair before hanging...", expressed local woman, Lauren Decatur.

"People will make you feel the I feel that it's better to have to live with that, than to get hung," explained fellow Texan, Elizabeth Ringo.

"The idea of public hangings is something that is kind of like bringing gladiator battles back for the public forum...the fact that people would want to see that is awfully comes from an act of's anger, it's not justice," says Houstonian, James Decatur.

The petition has since been removed from the White House`s `We the People` site, for violating the terms of participation.

So it looks like you won't be seeing any gallows in West Virginia anytime soon.


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