Samsung providing fireproof return kits for Galaxy Note 7 phones, internet fires back with hilarious memes

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SUWON, SOUTH KOREA - While Samsung is trying to cool things down after catching heat for its exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones, the tech company is helping owners get a grip on the situation by giving them gloves and fireproof boxes to return their phones.

The Galaxy Note 7 phone is on the no-fly list.  The shipping box is lined with ceramic fiber paper, designed to contain extreme heat.  Inside that box are more boxes and a static shielding bag.

Several memes about this hot item have been blowing up on social media.  One meme shows a person in a bomb suit with the caption "how to safely charge your Galaxy Note 7."  Perhaps one safe way to do that may be put your phone in a bucket of ice, or you could just have a fire extinguisher next to your phone.

Hopefully, whatever solution Samsung comes up with won't add fuel to the fire.

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