Trump vs. Clinton election may be in the stars; Astrologers predict next president

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Just when you thought this election season couldn’t get any more far out the International Society for Astrological Research decided to gather this week in California and space out over their presidential predictions.

So the astrologers note the way the sun travels between October and early November is a time when the zodiac calendar gets crazy.

“(When October comes) Winter is going to start or it has started already and the sun is going to be depleted. Then what happens after is that the sun and Saturn will be together… and they are enemies.” Noted Hardik Vyas, an astrologer and consultant of Vaastu-Shashtra. He went on,

“The sun is the most powerful planet in our astrological system, so when they are both together, it creates problems for government, any government.”

Some ISAR members have stated that Mars is passing through Sagittarius, and with that combined with this season- any decisions could swing extremely to the other way at any moment.

If those predictions are true – Trump could end up winning an upset victory. Currently, he is behind Clinton in the polls.

One member of the ISAR even goes as far as to compare trump to mythological super-hunter Orion, calling him a giant with golden hair.

For those who don’t know – Orion pissed off the Greek gods for wanting to kill every animal on earth. Sounds about right.

Astrology is the belief that celestial bodies influence human behavior and while some say its nothing but pseudo-science, others believe it answers life’s many mysteries.

“Astrology cannot be wrong because astrology is nature. God created the planets and they have an impact on us. I’ll give you an example of the moon.” Hardik continued,

“The moon changes its phase throughout its cycle and during every full moon, it will always be high tide during the day. Our bodies are mostly water and the moon will pull us like the tides and the surrounding planets have a similar effect.”

And if you feel that republicans are from Mars and democrats are from Venus- the astrologers couldn’t agree more.

“Venus is a planet of affection. I can say that (Clinton) is having the affect of Venus. On the other side, you see Donald trump, who’s ruling planet is Mars. Mars is like a soldier. Venus is very polite, Mars is not polite. Mars is a planet of action.” Said Hardik.

So no matter what’s written in the stars, let’s just hope that they don’t super-nova this November

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