Jarvis Johnson opens office in Acres Homes

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HOUSTON, TX- There’s no grass growin’ under Jarvis Johnson’s feet!

In May, Johnson was elected to fill the District 139 seat vacated by Mayor Sylvester Turner. He hasn’t officially been sworn into office, but he’s already hard at work.

Saturday, Johnson cut the ribbon on his new office at the Acres Homes Center for Business and Economic Development, and while he’s excited about the future he realizes he has big shoes to fill. “Mayor Turner did a fabulous job for 26 years of serving this community, he obviously was very well liked” says an admiring Johnson.

So far Johnson is earning high marks for the location of his new office. “It’s a great statement to be located here at the Chamber Office. It’s high profile, high visibility, and I think it’s a great start for him to remain in touch with the District” says John Whitmire, State Representative of District 15.

Uriel Washington grew up in Acres Homes, is a veteran and now a small business owner of Modern Tag-tical, a laser tag company.  He was on hand for the ribbon cutting and is impressed by Johnson's choice of office location saying, “Just the access alone is a very good thing for the community.”  “It’s just great to see a man who’s here in the district, who’s ready to be a part of the people, and work really hard for the people. I can’t wait to see what happens with this community” says Acres Homes resident Joan Sanchez.

Johnson also has big plans for District 139. “There are so many people that grew up in Acres Homes and left. We’re wanting to encourage them to come back. Build your next home right here. Don’t go to the Lands- Sugar Land, Pearland, Woodlands. I need you here, right here in this community, because as you build here you’re creating opportunities for your tax dollars to come back into this city.”

Look out Austin! Johnson’s already hustlin’ for his district.