200 countries agree to a global climate deal

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KIGALI, RWANDA - Representatives from almost 200 countries came together in Rwanda on Saturday and. lo and behold, they actually agreed on a new deal to combat climate change.

The new deal is an effort to limit hydrofluorocarbons, better known as HFC's, worldwide. HFC's are used in AC cooling systems, refrigeration, etc.

But, these potent gases are depleting our good ol' protector from the sun: the ozone.

This deal is supposed to prevent the global temperatures from rising almost an entire degree Fahrenheit (0.9 °F) by the end of this century.

Last year, leaders got together in Paris, and agreed on a deal to cut out carbon emissions. The Paris deal was not 100% binding; this one is.

So, it's a big deal. If all goes as planned, the world will become carbon neutral by 2100.

Hey, if this means a safer world for our children and grandchildren, we can dig it!