‘Ain’t nobody got time for this’ Houston 911 operator appears in court

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HOUSTON —  If it isn't Miss 'Ain't Nobody Got Time for this' making a stanky face at her court appearance.

Last week, Houston was freaking out knowing a 911 operator at Houston Emergency Center was hanging up on 911 callers, trying to report emergencies.

So far, Houston police have been able to pinpoint and contact two individuals, whose calls got dropped by Crenshanda Williams.

The first person was reporting a convenience store robbery and shooting. Williams hung up on the man; the man had to call 911 back to talk to someone else.

The second, was a security guard reporting a drag racing incident, in an area where there had recently been a death due to drag racing. After hanging up on this man,  an audio recording captured Williams saying, "Ain't nobody got time for this. For real."

So how many 911 callers did Williams drop like it was hot?

According to prosecutor Claire Morneau, there are hundreds of them. Although investigators only focused on a certain time frame, Morneau says "we were able to narrow down in our period, about 825 calls that someone was actually calling 911 -- and not the non-emergency line -- that she hung up on that person and that they called back within five minutes."

If charged with the current two offenses, home girl is going to pay the price.

"Up to a year in the Harris County Jail for each charge," Morneau said.

In Williams' own words, she "did not feel like talking to anyone" at the time she hung up on the emergency callers.

Sure bet she does not feel like going to jail either; but when it comes to the law, ain't nobody got time for your feelings!