Backed by US airstrikes, Iraq is poised to rid itself of ISIS

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BADANA PICHWK, Iraq -The Iraqi army has a message for ISIS in the city of Mosul. "Your days are numbered!"

For two years, Mosul has been ISIS headquarters in Iraq. But now it's "go time" for Iraqi forces, backed by US airstrikes to eliminate this terrorist stronghold.

"This represents the next important step in our campaigns, or our campaign against ISIL in Iraq," says White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest. "The United States has mobilized a 67-member coalition to support the Iraqi government and the Iraqi security forces as they seek to rid ISIL from their country."

If successful, this offensive would be a major blow to the terror group that's been wreaking havoc in the Mideast for years.

Iraqi forces warned Mosul residents not to panic and to seal their doors and windows. President Massoud Barnazi of the Kurdistan Regional Government also assured residents they would not be retaliated against.

Don't let your guard down just yet, though. The Iraqi government says this long-awaited operation could take awhile.