Caught on camera: Chicago female officer savagely beaten and attacked by suspect during arrest

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CHICAGO, Ill. - A disturbing scene was caught on camera as Chicago police officers attempted to arrest a suspect who body-slams and beats a female officer.

"I ain't playing with you, dude," a male officer yells at the suspect as he approaches him. "I'm gonna taze you in like two seconds."

After the suspect throws the female officer to the asphalt, another officer rushes in and wrestles with the suspect.

"Let her go...let her go! Let her go!" the officer screams at the uncooperative suspect.

Carmen Martinez witnessed the entire event. She said "he threw her down and started punching her like she was a punching bag. I've never seen a cop hurt the way she, especially her, the officer, she was really bad. Everybody was like, 'Get off of her. Let her go.' Even other people got off their cars and tried to help, and he wouldn't let her go at all."

Police say this 28-year-old man-- Parta Huff-- had crashed his car into a liquor store and then fled the scene.

That's when cops caught up with Huff on the street "who was under the influence of PCP, attacked a female officer, viciously pounds her head into the street as her partner tries to get him off her," Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson declared.

Authorities say the female officer suffered a concussion, a neck injury, bone chips to her shoulder and wrist-- and, she had to have bits of concrete pulled from her face.

Obviously, the officer showed incredible restraint, but why didn't she just shoot the suspect when he charged at her?

"She thought she was gonna die, and she knew she should shoot this guy," Johnson told a group of Chicago's finest. "But she chose not to because she didn't want her family or the department to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news."

Now her fellow officers just hope she can fully recover and return to duty.