Dog paralyzed from gunshot wounds gets second chance at life through special wheel chair apparatus

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Talk about pushing your luck!

Sometimes it takes a miracle to get a second chance at life, and it took a doggone miracle to save this poor pooch in Tennessee.

"What we found out was that there was a dog who entered a person's yard, and the person shot the dog," Blount County Humane Society's Steven Phipps shared.

Yeah, when they found this stray Australian cattle dog, he was in bad shape-- after a kid fired three  gunshots at him and paralyzed the animal.

But instead of having the dog put down, a humane society worker with a big heart rushed the pooch to a vet.

"These are bullet fragments along the spinal column where he was shot," veterinarian Dr. Monica Web announced. "So where these fragments are, one piece is actually in the spinal canal."

Things didn't look good for the hound — named 'Monroe' after the county where he was found.

But vets found a way to teach this old dog a new trick-- a way for the paralyzed pooch to walk again!

"He has a wheel chair," Phipps declared. "We had a good Samaritan donate a wheel chair, so he's adapting well with that."

And now all Monroe needs is a new home to start a new life.

"There is some specialized care, but we know there's that special person out there that would love to give Monroe a foster home or maybe a permanent home," Phipps said.

Hopefully, Monroe will get lucky again and find a forever home.