Family of Alva Braziel wants autopsy results released

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HOUSTON -- Family, friends and supporters of Alva Braziel -- who was shot to death by police in a southeast Houston street -- held a protest in front of City Hall Tuesday asking the mayor to further the investigation.

Braziel's family say they have not received autopsy results, and feel the officers are being allowed to walk free, based on what they are calling legal loopholes.

"We're out here to get justice for Mr. Braziel. They are not releasing the autopsy and are doing everything in their power to cover up the murder of Alva Braziel," Bryan X said. "I want to ask the mayor to have an inquest into the Medical Examiner's Office autopsy of Alva Braziel and make the details of his death public."

Bryan said they are also presenting a plan for a citizens review board.

"This is a very personal issue to everyone standing behind me. We're all from similar stances and similar communities. The other people who are acting on behalf of Alva Braziel are not from the same background so they can not possibly relate to our relationship with the law enforcement in our communities," he said.