Foodgasm: Caracol Mexican Coastal Kitchen

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HOUSTON-- Join Foodgasm as we get fresh with Chef Hugo Ortega at the Caracol Mexican Coastal. This seafood spot gets its fish straight from the fishing boat to the frying pan, or wood burning oven, and these clever crustacean creations will without a doubt get your mouth watering .

Watch as Chef Hugo serves up Caracol's delectable and artistic Arroz de Frijol Negro con Maricosos. He also gets a little sweet with us as he presents the chocolate coconut concoction, El Coco, as well as some other dishes that taste even better than they look.

So if your stomach is rumbling, which it should be, go take a trip over to Caracol at 2200 Post Oak Bvld. or visit their website or Facebook page.

Until next time, Stay Hungry.