Inside Story: Houston reverend builds up community by helping apartment residents

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HOUSTON — Inspirational author Anthony J. D'Angelo once said, “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

Those also happen to be the words Reverend Hannah Terry from Westbury United Methodist Church lives by.

Reverend Terry works with complexes like Los Arcos apartments on Fondren Road in southwest Houston, which happens to be home to many refugee and low-income families. The mission is to teach.

Christian or not, there is a sense of belonging through ESL classes, using the Metro bus system, getting a bank account and general functioning in a society so many non-displaced people take for granted.

And Terry definitely leads by example. She moved into a similar complex just down the street. With dreams of one day owning a place where everyone, no matter who they are or what situation they're in, can come and live as one cohesive unit.

Let's walk alongside the pastor of “FAM,” The Fondren Apartment Ministries, while building the bridges to bring people together. Take a look at our "Inside Story" from the pages of Houstonia.