Olympic track star, Tyson Gay’s daughter shot and killed in crossfire

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — This one makes the heart hurt.  Olympic track athlete, Tyson Gay, is dealing with the biggest loss of his life after his daughter, Trinity, was shot and killed Sunday morning.

The 15-year-old was grabbing a late night snack with friends at Cook Out restaurant when she got caught in a crossfire.

A group of men, inside two cars, firing shots at each other are responsible for the fatal shooting.

Taylor Middleton, Gay's friend recalls ducking for cover. "That's when we heard more gunshots and I was like okay: I see her let me try to get to her I don't want to be alone. So that's when I tried to crawl towards her. And as I'm crawling towards her she's crawling towards me. She's like, I'm shot.  I'm shot."

Middleton remembers seeing the high school track athlete's life fade before her own eyes on the drive to the hospital. "I just feel so bad because I just keep replaying her in my face saying: 'You got to help me, you got to help me'. But there was nothing we could do we was scared."

The Olympian's daughter died at the hospital. Gay told WLEX Sports Director, Alan Cutler: "She didn't make it, I'm so confused."

Three men are being charged in connection with the murder, including a father and a son.

While this father and son might spend time together in prison, Tyson Gay will never get to spend another day with his daughter.