POTUS has big plans for post-presidency

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s not much of a retirement plan, but President Barack Obama plans to take up … map-making!?

No, he’s not charting new undiscovered islands – the National Democratic Redistricting Committee has been created to challenge GOP redistricting efforts in 2020.

Redistricting ranks up there with some of the most boring topics known to man, but it’s also one of the most important.

District maps decide who gets grouped together to vote for someone to represent them in the House of Representatives.

After every census, states attempt to redraw lines, and political parties do what they can to influence where the lines are drawn in different ways, depending on the state they’re in.

And while, officially, former Attorney General Eric Holder will be chairing the new group, President Obama has stated it will be the focus of his political activity after he hands the keys to the oval office over to this November’s winner.

With the GOP’s failure to neither fully support nor control Donald Trump, they’ve got until 2020 to recover if they’re going hold onto the districts they still have sewn up.

For those that have been waiting for Obama to fade into history after he leaves office, it looks like he plans to have a hand in things for years to come.