Final presidential debate in Vegas will have surprising guests

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LAS VEGAS — Fight night in Vegas!

The Clinton-Trump  final debate showdown could go down as the nastiest yet.

As the candidates get one last chance to convince skeptics they're ready for the top job, or that the other guy is worse than them..

Clinton has been prepping for days, but Trump's got nothing to lose. Some guests of the big wigs could make for an awkward moment during the third installment.

Trump is expected to have the mother of a Benghazi victim seated in the audience, as well as Obama's half- brother!

Trump won't be the only billionaire in the room,Hillary will have Marc Cuban there for moral support, as well as Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman.

Nothing about this election has been ordinary, including the Lone Star State's loyalty.

According to a new a University of Houston study, Trump is ahead of Clinton by just 3 percent.

Leading her 41 percent to 38 percent with a 3% margin of error — that's a statistical tie, people! And it means the state that's been red for 30 years seems to be turning blue.

Hold on to your hats boys and girls, the ride on the crazy train is almost over.

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