5-year-old future cop in Kansas City patrols his neighborhood looking for ‘bad guys’

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. - These are tough times to be a police officer, but that's not slowing down this five-year-old future cop in Kansas City.

Meet "Officer Oliver," who patrols his neighborhood day and night, rain or shine!

"I'm trying to look for bad guys," little Oliver Davis announced. "I just have some handcuffs back here. And I want to see if there's any bad guys that I could handcuff."

He's prepared, alright, and he even sets up a speed trap on his street with a real radar gun!

"Some days they're speeding," Oliver said. "Today I only found one car speeding. I try to just slow down, but I can't."

And what exactly does a speeding ticket from Officer Oliver say on it?

"Oliver just gave you a ticket," he laughed.

And the cost for each citation?

"A little kiss on the cheek," he confessed.

When Oliver was three, a police officer showed the little tike his police car and taught him about 'bad guys.'

After that, 'Officer Oliver' was born, and the pint-sized patrolman wore out his first uniform in no time.

"And we had to get two or three more uniforms because he has to wear it to pre-school," Oliver's mom, Brandi Davis, declared. "He has to wear it to the grocery store....they know him everywhere by his police uniform."

"One person got my autograph," Oliver recalled.

Now he spends plenty of time training with real cops in the hood.

And even though officers get a bad rap by some folks, "I'm gonna still be a police officer when I grow up. Yeah, I'm still a police officer."

So, bad guys, beware because Officer Oliver is on patrol!