Harris County authorities raid spa to break up alleged sex trafficking ring, seize $24,000 in cash

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NORTH HOUSTON - Talk about taking a spa day!

The Harris County Sheriff's Office raided the Hana Top Spa on FM 1960 in north Houston on Thursday and made quite a bust,  breaking up an alleged sex trafficking ring.

Investigators say not only is this spa a 'hot bed' of illegal activities, it's also been a target for crime gangs, too.

"We've noticed in the last two months a rash of robberies and sexual assaults occurring in spas," Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced.

Authorities say that's exactly what happened at Hana Spa. "There was a robbery and sexual assault on August 8th. One of the women who works and lives there was repeatedly raped during the robbery," Anderson said.

In Thursday's raid, spa owner Ying Wen was arrested and charged with felony money laundering.

"This is a significant bust because we are not only charging the owner, but we will be petitioning a court to take away the proceeds from this illegal enterprise," Anderson explained.

Officials say three women living at the spa were picked up but are being treated as sex trafficking victims

"We were able to seize more than $24,000 cash from the three locations, and we confiscated a number of designer handbags," Anderson revealed.

Officials suspect the high-end handbags were bought with money from illegal activities going on at the Hana Spa, which the DA calls a brothel.

Wen was likely laundering her cash by investing in the expensive handbags and holding onto them.

Now Wen faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

"I think organized crime is alive and well in Harris County, especially in the prostitution and gambling industries," Anderson commented.

Authorities vow Thursday's raid is just the beginning of a spa crackdown!