‘This is your brain on drugs’ commercial actor says he’s pro marijuana

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Boy, if this isn't a sign the war on drugs was a lost cause.

The actor from the iconic "This is Your Brain On Drugs" public service announcements now says he's pro-marijuana. John Roselius told Rooster magazine he has already voted yes on California's Adult Use Of Marijuana act, which seeks to legalize recreational cannabis.

This election day, five states — including California — have the issue on the ballot. In various extents, marijuana use is already legal in four states and the District of Columbia. And a recent gallop poll shows 60 percent of adults are in favor of it.

Roselius, who went on to star in the show "JAG," says he used to smoke pot back in the '60s and admits he did the commercial because he needed the money. He was only paid $360 for the commercial, which ended up running for 14 years! Roselius is just an actor, but its still surprising to hear one of the strongest voices from the war on drugs now speaking out in favor of cannabis.

Maybe its time we put marijuana in the same category as drugs like caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol: legal for responsible adults.