The New Nasty: How women are turning a put down into power

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Most of us guessed the last presidential debate was going to get out of control, but we didn’t know it was going to get as nasty as it did after Trump interrupted Clinton, calling her a “Nasty Woman.”

And that single remark from Trump, has generated a huuuuge response all over social media.

But Texas republican representative Brian Babin totally agrees with trumpster’s attack and shared this bit of wisdumb on a radio show Thursday night,

“You know, I’m a gentile southerner... I think, I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty.”

And let’s just say - a lot of people aren’t too thrilled with the congressman’s comments.

“I find it incredibly offensive, especially coming from someone who’s representing our state. I’m definitely going to be exercising my right to vote” Noted Houston resident, Jordan Sell.

“We’ve come so far from that, and I don’t understand why we’re taking steps back towards the civil rights movement. I don’t think it’s appropriate and it’s definitely a stance that shouldn’t come into politics.” Said Hanna Harrison, who now calls herself a Nasty Woman.

Now, women everywhere are standing up to the republican nominee’s use of this “n-word” and are turning it into a call to arms.

Everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Yvette Nicole Brown took Donny’s negativity and flipped the script on him to encourage women to vote for Hillary.

There’s even been a number of t-shirts designed and clothing company nasty gal has changed their name to nasty woman in support of hill-dog.

And while all the ladies get in formation to rock the vote- they’ll be rocking out to Janet Jackson’s nasty, which has had a 250% increase in plays on Spotify since the debate.

But what exactly does it take to be a “nasty woman?”

“You do everything that you’re not supposed to, you think out loud. You express yourself. You wear boy’s tennis shoes if you want to. You wear short shorts if it’s comfortable. You do whatever makes you happy.” Expressed Savanna Lee. Who, to put it lightly, thinks Trump is a bad guy.

“You stand up for yourself no matter who tries to put you down. Whether it’s someone running for the President of the United States or someone you work with. You always stand up for yourself.” Exclaimed Harrison.

“It’s (being) empowered and taking charge of herself and being strong. It’s having whatever job you want and doing what you want to do and not apologizing all the time- Not saying sorry for what you were born into.” Voiced Sell. She continued.

"I think women are incredibly important and I think that women's voices all together are very, very loud. We've got to come together and say (Dominant male behavior) is wrong. It's our time to fight and keep fighting for the women around us."

So whether or not you find these nasty comments offensive – Hell hath no fury like a woman’s tweets.