Substitute Fathers program exposes Houston’s inner city youth to new career paths

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HOUSTON — Every child doesn't have the privilege of a father around, but Keith Henry is dedicated to filling that void for kids without dads in Houston. 

"How can a child know what to reach for if they don't know what's available and what's accessible," said Keith Henry, director Substitute Fathers,  a young male mentorship program that introduces inner city kids to different careers like aviation, architecture and engineering showing them that there is more available than what they see.

"We want to be able to give these kids something to look back on and something to strive for," he said.

During the eight years his nephew's father was incarcerated, Henry took a particular interest in helping kids without dads around when he often found himself filling in with father responsibilities.

"I realized that there are other kids that need the same thing," Henry said.

The program is currently looking for volunteers, and those who are interested can reach Henry at