Australia’s ‘The Bachelor’ loses dream girl to other female contestant

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SYDNEY — Everyone's lookin' for love — even on national television. On Australia's version of "The Bachelor," Richie Strahan thought he'd found the girl of his dreams in Meagan Marx.

"Megan, will you accept this rose?" He asks in the show.

"I can't," Meagan says.

It would seem Richie wasn't the only on to find the girl of their dreams on the show. Meagan found hers, too! Tiffany Scanlon was another contestant, and like many loves stories, Meagan and Tiffany's started as a friendship. After months of rumors, the two are totally public with their girl-on-girl hook-up. Posting pictures all over Instagram along with statements like "Friendship ripened into something bolder," and "It was like this instant calibration between souls."

You never know, this may be the longest-lasting relationship in the television show's history!

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