Controversial Houston haunted house shows Trump hanging from noose

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HOUSTON — Just when you thought this election season couldn't get any scarier, feast your eyes on a hanging Trump haunted house in Houston.

"We do it mainly for the children in the community, and other communities, where the kids come out here and receive candy and enjoy Halloween," homeowner Mark Anthony Rodriguez said.

"I don't offend nobody," Rodriguez said. "I mean, everybody comes by here and they want to come off and take pictures, and we don't mind it. And it's a lot of kids that enjoy it. We do the same thing for Christmas, too. I mean, we don't hang Donald Trump for Christmas, but we have other things we do for Christmas."

So maybe this is just the nightmare before Christmas?

Meanwhile, out in Tinseltown, Trump isn't getting much love among the stars!

Not even a border wall could stop this guy from taking a sledgehammer to Trump's star on the Walk of Fame — totally destroying the iconic sidewalk symbol.

Still, Trump fans need not worry. Officials say the star will be replaced, and they plan to prosecute the culprit who smashed it.

But it's Trump who's smashing sales records for Trump masks over Hillary items this Halloween season.

"We've done extremely well this year," Arne's Warehouse costume shop spokesperson Peggy Ricks said. "These, as you can tell, are very popular."

And just how has Trump fared against Hillary?

"Trump by double, in everything," Ricks said. "The pinatas, the masks — exactly double."

But as Tim Wright of Houston put it, "Man, I couldn't decide. They're both scary options!"

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